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There is currently not much known about how The Swords of Ditto will be played.

Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Open the Control options in the starting menu and define your keyboard controls. It's a game intended for two players, so you can define two keyboard controls.
  • Either the game is played on PC with a keyboard or one can switch between Playstation or Xbox controls.

Player 1[edit | edit source]

Up = arrow up
Down = arrow down
Left = arrow left
Right = arrow right
Action = X
Attack = Z
Roll = Space
Toy = C
Item Hotkey1 = 1
Item Hotkey2 = 2
Item Hotkey3 = 3
Item Hotkey4 = 4
Map = Tab
Next Menu = Tab

Player 2[edit | edit source]

Up = W
Down = S
Left = A
Right = D
Action = I
Attack = O
Roll = Space
Toy = P
Item Hotkey1 = 7
Item Hotkey2 = 8
Item Hotkey3 = 9
Item Hotkey4 = 0
Map = M
Next Menu = M
Pause = Backspace

Video options[edit | edit source]

Sound options[edit | edit source]