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Key art of "The Swords of Ditto"

Part of the character menu

You can see, your character can come in various looks

Inspecting the inventory

Part of the game world

Look of the map


  • Open the Control options in the starting menu and define your keyboard controls. It's a game intended for two players, so you can define two keyboard controls.
  • Either the game is played on PC with a keyboard or one can switch between Playstation or Xbox controls.

Player 1[]

Up = arrow up
Down = arrow down
Left = arrow left
Right = arrow right
Action = X
Attack = Z
Roll = Space
Toy = C
Item Hotkey1 = 1
Item Hotkey2 = 2
Item Hotkey3 = 3
Item Hotkey4 = 4
Map = Tab
Next Menu = Tab

Player 2[]

Up = W
Down = S
Left = A
Right = D
Action = I
Attack = O
Roll = Space
Toy = P
Item Hotkey1 = 7
Item Hotkey2 = 8
Item Hotkey3 = 9
Item Hotkey4 = 0
Map = M
Next Menu = M
Pause = Backspace

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