The Swords of Ditto Wiki

Items can be looted from enemies, and found or bought at the stores in town. The Swords of Ditto is full with items to fill the inventory with.

Below you’ll find a list of all the items in the game.


Spr blacksmith upgrade.pngSword
Spr equipment torch.pngTorch
Spr equipment watch.pngWatch
Spr equipment kazoo.pngTravel Kazoo
Spr mormo offering 01.pngIcon
Spr equipment gadget upgrade.pngToy Upgrade
Spr equipment sword iron nugget.pngIron Nugget
Spr equipment sword moebius coal.pngMoebius Coal
Spr equipment sword burnish stone.pngBurnish Stone
Spr equipment sword nova stone.pngNova Stone
  • Twinkling Gemstone
  • Iridescent Gemstone
  • Celestial Fragment
  • Celestial Fragment
  • Ancient Tablet

Bottle Cap

Shiny Thing


Food and Drinks help to heal the player

Food Price Heal HP %

(of base HP)

Extra Effect / Notes
Spr equipment cookie.png Cookie 20 20%
Ethered Apple 20 20% Player becomes Ether encrusted
Spr equipment chocolate.png Chocolate Bar 30 30%
Mormo Floss 20 30% Player temporarily loses powers (unable to attack or use toys)
Mormocorn 30 30% Player temporarily loses powers (unable to attack or use toys)
Spr equipment donut.png Doughnut 40 40%
Etherpuss Stick 60 40% Player gets a de-buff
Spr equipment milk.png Milk 50 50% Can be bought at farm for 30
Yetu Drumstick 60 50%
Spr equipment sushi.png Sushi 60 60%
Dragnet & Chips 60 60% Player gets a de-buff
Spr equipment hotdog.png Hot Dog 80 80%
Morggot Dog 70 80% Player becomes poisoned
Zombie Yoghurt 70 80% Zombies spawn near player upon use
Spr equipment burger.png Burger 100 100%
Super Milk 100% Can be bought at farm for X
Bleurger 80 100% Player becomes poisoned
Drink Price Restore TP % Extra Effect / Notes
Spr equipment coffee.png Coffee 60 100%
Ether Latte 40 100% Player becomes Ether encrusted
Spr equipment medicine.pngMedicine


Spr equipment bomb.pngBomb
Spr equipment bomb poison-20.pngEther Bomb
Spr equipment bomb fire.pngFire Bomb
Spr equipment bomb poison.pngPoison Bomb

Ether Mine

Fire Mine

Remote Mine


Spr equipment fire infusion.png Flaming Infusion
Spr equipment ether infusion.png Ether Infusion
Spr equipment poison infusion.png Poison Infusion

Kick Me! Sign

Clockwork Mouse

Inflatable Decoy

Toys of Legend[]

Spr equipment sponge gun.pngPopper
Spr equipment frisbee.pngThe Vinyl Frisbee
Spr equipment super conker.pngThe Super Conker
Spr equipment torch.pngThe Torch
Spr equipment super suit.pngThe Super Size Suit
Spr equipment golf club.pngThe Golf Club
Spr equipment laser ring.pngThe Laser Ring
Spr equipment ultra ball.pngThe Ultraball
Spr equipment bowling ball.pngThe Bowling Ball
Spr equipment combat yoyo.pngThe Yo-Yo
Spr equipment drone.pngThe Drone
Spr equipment bow.pngThe Bow
Spr equipment the foot.pngThe Foot

Swords of ditto Faits Ring.pngFate´s Ring


Buff the character’s attributes

Main article: Stickers.

Stickers are a type of item that can be equipped to characters to provide bonuses and new abilities. Please see the main stickers article for a list.


Dittopedias are found throughout Ditto and are saved at the Hall of Swords throughout runs. There are 52 logs.