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Mormo is the main villain in The Swords of Ditto. Everything relating to her is purple/pink, like her tower, for example. Mormo is an evil witch that attempts to take control of the Isle of Ditto every 100 years. If the sword(s) succeed in defeating Mormo within the 5 day time limit, then Mormo will be banished and will return in 100 years to make another attempt at taking control; of the land. If the sword(s) fail to stop Mormo, she will rule for the 100 years, plunging the land into an era of darkness until the next sword(s) is chosen. In the true ending, it is revealed mormo isn't evil, and the whole game was an illusion, after the sword finds out he is fate, mormo and puku merge into a giant pink beetle head as a final test of the hero's strength.

Effects of Mormo[]

Whether or not the sword(s) defeat Mormo or not affects the way the subsequent micro-adventures are played. Vanquishing Mormo or succumbing to her evil consecutively expounds on this affect. The toys and items as well as the weather and color schemes are affected by this factor.