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The Sword (of Ditto) is the title of the player character in The Swords of Ditto. "The Sword" is given the Sword at the start of their quest to defeat Mormo.

The player character can use toys and other items, eat food, equip stickers, attack with the Sword, interact/pick up objects (including friendly co-op players), and dodge-roll.

The player character is randomly generated each run. Then when the character gains the Sword, their appearance changes again. All characters gain a cape. But other changes are random.

Possible Appearances of the Sword[edit | edit source]

  • Human boy
    • Various skin tones and hair colours
    • Triple-spiked helmet, Ninja mask, Wrestler outfit or Crown
  • Human girl
    • Various skin tones, hair styles and hair colours
    • Robin-hood feathered cap, Ninja mask, Superhero outfit or Tiara
  • Rabbit
    • Gains an eyepatch
  • Dog
    • No change
  • Cat
    • Gains a crown
  • Fox
    • Gains a japanese-style straw hat
  • Mouse
    • No change
  • Frog
    • Gains a crown on top of head
  • Bird
    • Appearance does not change
  • Robot
    • Gains lights on head that flash during movement
  • Monkey
    • Gains a Chinese-style circlet

Each character also has unique sounds for attacking and rolling.

Badges[edit | edit source]

Starting with version 1.09, badges can be chosen when starting a new adventure.

These affect the player's look, starting stats, and have different toys/stickers.

Badges are unlocked by finding them on adventures inside chests, crates, and quest rewards.

Badges can be leveled up. Doing so increases their stat bonuses and starting sticker rarity.

Name Appearance Bonus 1 (at max level) Bonus 2 (at max level) Toy (+5 at max level) Sticker
The Noble One Human boy;

spiked helmet

Fire resist. Defense Bow Bandana


The Distant One Human girl;

feather hat

Fire attack (+21%) Luck (+30) Bow Dumbbells

(+sword dmg.)

The Created One Robot TP regen. (+25%) Luck (+35) Yo-yo Watch battery

(toys use less TP)

The Super One Human;


Max health Poison resist. Super Size Suit Chef's hat

(food heals more)

The Duper One Human;


Damage Shield break Bowling ball Eagle claw

(increased attack)

The Invisible One Human;

ninja mask

HP regen.


Money find


Bow Vampire bats

(+25% sword dmg at night)

The Strong One Human;

wrestler mask

Defense (+27%) Max health (+29%) Super Conker Wrestling belt

(increased defense)

The Fluffy One Rabbit Luck (+27%) Money find (+31%) The Foot Fortune Cat


The Vengeful One Rabbit;


Luck (+27) Poison resist. (+100%) Super Conker Food certificate

(enemies drop more food)

The Cunning One Fox;

straw hat

Fire attack (+35%) Fire resist. (+100%) Yo-yo Oven gloves

(+fire damage)

The Loyal One Dog Money find Max health Bowling ball Chef's hat

(food heals more)

The Nimble One Cat;

tiara (?)

HP regen (+34%) Max health (+30%) Bow First aid kit

(+max health)

The Quiet One Mouse Poison atk. Poison resist. Super Size Suit Kale recipes

(+poison resist.)

The Chirping One Bird Ether atk. Ether resist. Bowling ball ???

(+ether resist.)

The Cheeky One Monkey Luck Money find Super Conker Fidget spinner

(inc. rolling distance)

The Croaking One Frog;


TP regen. HP regen. Super Conker Detonator

(2x bomb damage/range)


  • While some bonuses overlap between classes, they can scale differently - compare initial bonus for rough reference
  • Upon leveling up the badge, starting stickers can get swapped out for higher-tier ones of the same kind.